How does a drop trap catch more cats?

Drop traps SAVE TIME!

Most cats don’t recognize that it’s a trap, and will walk right in. Are you trying (and trying!) to trap cats who just snicker at you? Think they’re “too smart”? With a drop trap, you will most likely be able to trap every cat that shows up. Just reset the trap and they will keep coming.

You can often catch more than one cat at a time (SEVEN is the current record - a Florida mom and 6 kittens). Imagine the time and angst that are saved!

You won’t have to starve all the cats for several days to catch a few. We generally feed a normal breakfast, just picking up the leftovers, when trapping at suppertime.

You are in control of the trap!

This means that you can prioritize baby-maker females, pregnant cats or kittens to stop reproduction NOW. Or, handle the opposite situation: trap the newcomer when everyone else is 'done'!

Catch sick or injured cats. Re-trap “trap-shy” cats if necessary.

Use the fact that cats copy one another to your advantage. Suspicious cats see their friends eating from the trap – and are lured in as well – even if you captured their friends!

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