Design: Tomahawk

Tomahawk in collaboration with Neighborhood Cats, has designed a commercially-built folding drop trap made of galvanized wire mesh:

The DTKIT is the drop trap combined with a transfer carrier for $139, and the trap alone is sold as the DT1, for $99 (plus shipping).

Looks like the open dimensions are
36"Wx 36"D x14"H, and weight is only 14 pounds. It folds flat.


Laura said...
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Laura said...

Also, note the dimensions of the drop trap DOOR opening (11w x 12h). This is relatively large. If you want to use your own traps to transfer into, ensure that the openings will fit together without too much of a gap (ie your trap is not narrower than the drop trap opening). With the larger opening, I would think that a Havahart trap door could slide inside - altho with a cat in the drop trap, that would be a bit hair-raising!

Laura said...

11/8/15 - I've been able to use this trap quite a bit, now. My local TNR group uses them as loaners.
They are kind of a nuisance to set up and take down, but if you're not doing a lot of trapping in different locations, they're great!
I also like them as a holding cage for cats trapped a few days before their appointment. I can set her up with a litter box, food and water, and a box to hide in, and she'll be safe and comfortable - and most importantly, securely transferable back into a trap for transport to the vet.