Design: HubCats

HubCats introduced a FOLDING droptrap design (pictured here and at top) at the 2005 Feral Cat Summit in Philadelphia.
unfolded: 36"W x 32"D x14"H (+17" anchor flap)
folded: 36"W x 8"D x 14"H (+17" anchor flap)
     weight: 18-20 pounds (18 pounds of 'drop weight')
Not currently available.

PLEASE NOTE: There's NEVER time to waste when it comes to trapping feral cats.  The sooner you start, the fewer cats there will be!   Here are some tips to use RIGHT NOW:

  • Use a workaround: See "The Trick" to re-train a trap-savvy cat to go into a box trap, and to pick out just the cat you want by controlling the trap door using a prop-stick and string.  This is a great technique to know.
  • Borrow one: see the drop trap map above - there may be a drop trap in your area, you may be able to borrow it.  Drop trap owners are high-volume trappers, and they're great cat-people! Contact me for assistance, if the contact info for private individuals is not listed.
  • Build one:  The folding trap is complicated - the non-folding trap can be built in a day, is lighter and more weatherproof!  If you have the skills and tools to build a folding trap, here are detailed photo's and a supplier list.

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