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Michelle F in MA:
...The target cat was a very skittish female who was very pregnant. My friend set up the drop trap and walked back to the car for the food/bait. As she did that, the cat went under the trap to investigate... My friend yanked the stick and got her without ever adding food! Not bad for a morning out!

Jan P in NC:
I am so impressed! I have been trying for years to figure out how to make a drop trap that is easily transported. I have been doing TNR for over 10 years and this is one of the greatest things I have seen for trapping cats. We had a foster cat escape the foster home and the cat would not go in a regular trap and would only come within a few feet of the foster mom. We caught the cat within 15 minutes of setting up the drop trap.

Siobhan T in FL:
We had never trapped before and we were really nervous. ... On the first try, we got Momma and 6 kittens. I think we broke your record of 6 cats stated on your blog!
... We then got [the 2 remaining] kittens the same way. Even though one kitten had previously been trapped and gotten away, she had no problem going back into the trap.
...We helped someone else tonight catch 2 cats behind their house using the same drop trap. This lady had never trapped before and she was surprised how easy it was.
Thanks so much for designing this. I'm going to recommend it to anyone I know who traps as it really is an easier and more effective method.

Amy in New Jersey:
Thanks to your instructions on how to build the droptrap, this morning I was able to trap a pregnant cat that had eluded me for 2 months. I had rescued her first litter in May and since then had been trying to catch her with a traditional box trap that she would have nothing to do with. I can't tell you how relieved I am and also very excited toknow that I will be able to help other people trap elusive ferals.. I thank you! (Way to go, Amy!!)

Denise, in Delaware:
i borrowed one of your wonderful traps and caught a hard to get feral that was injured. it worked fabulously! thank you for coming up with such an ingenious design. i cannot wait to get my very own....

(and, after she got her own)...i have gotten some of the most difficult cats this way. also is good for trapping in areas where alot of cats are already done b/c you can still feed them and then get the one you want. it seems so cruel to starve an entire colony for just a hand full of cats that you are after. it is a valuable tool. plus love how it folds up. the ones that i used before were horses and difficult to manage.

Lois in NY:
...We were successful - we did 12 cats the weekend of Mar 17th - 2 of the elusive ones - were caught using our new drop trap! Thanks!

Katharine, in Philadelphia:
...my new drop trap IS AMAZING!!!!! i cannot think of a way to thank you enough! i am so blown away, i don't think i can go back to my hav-a-harts! i know you told me not to in the video & paperwork, but i went after the hard one (also the baby factory) on the first try AND CAUGHT HER!!! AND IT TURNS OUT SHE WAS NEWLY PREGNANT! i also caught a kitten and an injured male. the best money i have ever spent! and yes, i am telling all my feral catching friends, so don't be surprised to get another order from the philly area!

Laura in Florida:
My friend and I are caregivers to 3 colonies of ferals in our little town here in Florida...we have done this for 4 years now and have spayed/neutered over 300 cats and found homes for about 200....anyway....we borrowed a drop trap from another organization last evening and were immediately able to trap a cat that had eluded our conventional trap for months. Wow were we impressed and happy ! !
I think we will go ahead and build our own starting with a trip to Home Depot today....it will be a fun Spring Project ! !

Diane in SF, California, who built her own (non-folding) trap:
Word of my droptrap's success rate got around and some people who had unsuccessfully tried to trap sick, wounded, or trap savvy ferals, called me; that started a two-month trapping streak that "netted" 57 cats. The most I had ever trapped before was 111 in a year, so the trap literally became a magic trap. That didn't count the numbers who were already fixed or got away.
....within five minutes, I had five six-month olds all directly under the trap and got them all. It was such a thrill! Thanks for getting me back into trapping without breaking my back. I had to give it up because trapping one at a time was so backbreaking, time consuming, and nerve-wracking!

Linda, in Florida:
I would like information on your drop trap. One of your traps was used to catch a cat that had evaded any kind of trap for many years!

Jeanette in NY:
I have worked with a borrowed drop trap and in one weekend trapped two feral males that I have been trying to trap and neuter for over a year. This trap is great for trap smart and shy cats.

Denise, in Illinois:
...I am a volunteer for a cat rescue group in the suburbs of Chicago. Recently, we were helped by the Chicagoland Strays group while we were working with a colony in our area. Their volunteer had brought a drop trap, and we caught three cats in one morning. We're usually lucky if we get one a week with a 'regular' trap!
Anyway, I'd like to order two.

Sue, in Nevada:
...just wanted to let you know the drop trap is wonderful! I got a cat last week with it that would have nothing to do with the box traps. Please let your dad know it is a work of art!

Susan, in New York:
...I bought a Fold-O-Matic trap from you Saturday at the Feral Cat Summit. I used it Sunday & Monday nights and was 100% successful. I built one based on the alley cat allies plan and have used it successfully for the past 2 years but yours is so much more user friendly. I love it!

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